Kaj je tvoj namen, kaj gori v tvojem srcu?

Ko sem bila otrok, sem se veliko spraševala o smislu življenja. Takrat še nisem bila kristjanka in imela sem občutek, da je življenje dar, ki si ga sama nisem niti izbrala niti želela. V najstniških letih sem večkrat celo ponavljala: “Dar brezplodni, dar slučajni, to življenje, le čemu?!!” Ko sem kasneje slišala, da je Jezus […]

When Life Hurts

I still remember my First Big Disappointment. While I’m sure there had been others—smaller things—before this disappointment, nothing stands out quite like not making the school play (DRAMA) when I was in seventh grade. I suppose it was because it was the first thing I’d wanted—rather badly—that I’d worked hard at, practiced for, tried out […]

Healthy Living

God has created us to be healthy and to enjoy the wonderful world that He has made.  He has placed foods, herbs and plants  on the earth that will make our bodies stronger and healthier.  He desires for us to be healthy and full of strength.  For us to be our best we need to […]

Decorating on a budget

Many times we can use things around us to beautify our homes.  Sometimes we can even use old furniture that is aged to get a wonderful shabby chic look.  This sign is a simple idea of just putting I love you somewhere in your home.  It also is a fun way to spread some love […]

Leaning on God’s grace in parenting

How do I start? It takes a brave women to build a home.  Motherhood is not for the faint of heart.   Each of us has our own style and ways of parenting.  What was once thought essential is now not important.  Fads and methods of raising children change,  but the most impostant thing in […]


NAŠ  NAMEN We are a growing movement of women who live life with the one purpose of  glorifying Jesus Christ and to shine in this world as light in the darkness.   As we focus on our similarities and let go of our differences, we become a voice  from the church, the living body of […]