Pesmi slavljenja na konferenci 2014

Pojemo in vzklikamo Sing and Shout – Matt Redman ||: »Ooo!« Tvoj križ, tvoj križ pritegne k tebi me, moj duh zapoje ti, moj duh zapoje ti. Tvoja milost po imenu kliče me. Zbudim se s hvalnico, zbudim se s hvalnico. Skupaj pojemo in vzklikamo, naša srca odpri, naj ti zapojemo. Skupaj pojemo in vzklikamo, […]

The God Who we worship

God Revealed   Worship has touched me deeply and shaped my walk with God and my vision of who He is. Worship is all about God… not about us… We will take a look at this God we worship; and from just a glimpse of His glory our hearts are drawn, and we melt in […]

Why I worship

Why I worship I have a reason to celebrate.  I have a reason to worship.  God’ s  love draws me and compels me to lift my heart to Him in worship.  As we look at David we are encouraged to Magnify the Lord. He urges us to  Give thanks to the Lord, for He is […]