We Believe


We Believe                            

  • That the Bible is the inspired Word of God

  • That God created the heaven, and the earth and all that it contains

  • That God is distinct in 3 persons:


         Son  (our Lord Jesus Christ)

         Holy Spirit:  three yet one        

bible recolored


  • That Jesus was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, was crucified and buried and rose again conquering death, hell and the grave

  • That man is created in the image of God, yet has fallen and is lost from the glory of God from the time of Adam till today

  • That Jesus Christ became a sacrifice for the sins of the entire world, and that he died for sinners and paid our penalty instead of us

  • In the resurrection of the crucified Jesus Christ

  • That all who believe in Jesus Christ are already united by the Holy Spirit in Christ’s Church. We are one of His body, the temple of the Holy Spirit

  • That the souls of those who believe will live eternally in heaven with God

  • That the souls of those who reject God will be forever in hell

  • That satan is real and wants to separate people from God

  • That God will win in the battle of the ages over  evil, and will reign in righteousness with his children, the saints forever and ever

  • Women Bow And Pray