Decorating on a budget

ljubim te sign whiteMany times we can use things around us to beautify our homes.  Sometimes we can even use old furniture that is aged to get a wonderful shabby chic look.  This sign is a simple idea of just putting I love you somewhere in your home.  It also is a fun way to spread some love and good cheer.
Another fun idea is to make a board picture of different sayings you like:  The following is an example of this
for website sayings tablet may 2014
I also love to put scripture verses around that will encourage and remind me and my family of something special that God says.    Here are some of my personal favorites:
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me…
 Greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world…  or 
The Joy of the Lord is my strength!
Another easy idea is to decorate in neutrals and then you can change the attitude of the room by adding color through pillows or pictures or little decorations.
Here are a couple of pictures that illustrate that idea….Some places to look for pillows that are inexpensive are Kik,  Ikea, and ….
photo 2
Neutrals can be white, tan, beige, or even a light brown or gray.  Almost any color can be matched with these to give a pleasing combination to the eye.  
Also using blankets or throws you can decorate your bedroom into a special place.  They make the room feel cozy and comfortable.
I also like to look for little extras when they are clearanced in places like Merkur, or Rutar or Lesnina.  Sometimes an empty vase or an old wine bottle can make a very sweet decoration.  You can also hot glue special pieces of lace on glass jars and use them for tea lights that give a romantic feel. 
garrafas e velas
There are thousands of ideas you can come up with on your own.  I like looking at magazines to find ideas of things I like.  If you don’t want to buy home magazines you can look up ideas on the internet or go to your local library and look through the magazines there.  It helps to jot down ideas you like for later.  Or if you are using the internet you can make folders of ideas.  One place that is full of wonderful ideas is pinterest.  Google images also gives many fun ideas that are helpful to get your imagination soaring.  
Remember that decorating doesn’t need to cost alot of money to be exciting and beautiful.  It should be an expression of your personality.  Using bright colors can also make a place more exciting.  Usually you want to keep your bedroom more neutral so you will find it relaxing, rather than stimulating.  
When you decorate on a budget don’t be afraid to try something new.  Even if you make a bad purchase you can either repurpose what you bought or get rid of it.  You aren’t out alot of money for something you decided later that you didn’t like or want.  
Have fun and let the decorating begin!