The God Who we worship

God Revealed

Ps 16-11   Worship has touched me deeply and shaped my walk with God and my vision of who He is.

Worship is all about God… not about us…

We will take a look at this God we worship; and from just a glimpse of His glory our hearts are drawn, and we melt in His presence, as He lovingly draws us unto Himself. What kind of God is this that even nature obeys and who rules over time and eternity?  He is the everlasting God, the creator of the earth… the one who never grows weary or tired… the one who is willing to put up with our selfishness and yet continue to draw us to the cross. He sees our best and worst and still loves us and says  “Come unto me all who are weary and heavy ladened and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you for my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”    He is still drawing and still calling, God says, “Come, I will make you what you were meant to be… I will show you great and mighty things that you do not know… why you were created.. and what I invested into you… You can know my thoughts, my mind and my heart as you become a lover of God… a worshipper…«That is why we are amazed and in awe of the God who we worship. Worship starts with getting out of my world and entering into the presence of God… in the heavenlies… the Holiest place… V  Hebrejcem 10.19-23 Bratje, ker imamo zaupnost, da po Jezusovi krvi stopamo v svetišče, 20 in sicer po novi in živi poti, ki nam jo je odprl skozi zagrinjalo, to je skozi svoje meso, in imamo tudi veličastnega duhovnika nad Božjo hišo, prihajajmo z resničnim srcem in v polni gotovosti vere, saj smo v srcih očiščeni slabe vesti in naše telo je umito s čisto vodo. Oklepajmo se neomajne izpovedi upanja, ker je on, ki je dal obljubo, zvest Jakob 4:8 reminds us Približajte se Bogu in se vam bo približal. When we take our life and lay it before Him in worship He works in amazing ways…

God takes us, unperfect as we are, and makes us like His Son as we draw near to Him in worship. ..

David was a man after God’s own heart… a real worshipper,  and he was one of the most honest men expressing to God whatever he was going through.  He made mistakes, and sometimes failed God miserably,  yet instead of despair He ends his Psalms with … yet will I praise you more and more… He wrote praises to God even in the middle of his biggest life battles;  even as he was fleeing from a jealous King who had him on his most wanted hitlist.  Again and again after his complaints  are laid out before God,  He begins to exalt Him and declare His trust in him…So you don’t have to be perfect to be a worshipper…. you just need to be real with God….transparent…Show Him your joys and sorrows.  Give Him your burdens and your fears.   Learn to bring everything to Him and then to leave the burdens with Him and to come away with more trust and a heart of faith that God will do what you can not do. Worship isn’t just something for musicians… It is more than just music, more than words.. more than a beautiful choir or a magnificient orchestra… true worship comes from the heart of any believer as we are amazed by the greatness of God… Worship can include music… it may be expressed through words or instruments or just a whispered thank you Father…I am amazed by you. “Worship changes the worshiper into the image of the One worshiped”  In His presence we become like Him!

C.S. Lewis said “It is in the process of being worshipped that God communicates His presence to men.”

In the Old Testament God used worship many times to win battles with enemies that were much stronger than His people, the children of Israel. When they trusted in Him,  and sent in the worshippers first God did miracles… sometimes using nature ( like hailstones to destroy an army) or confusion, causing the enemy to turn on itself) and the victories were mighty… These were supernatural victories! In the NT we see Paul and Silas in jail worshipping at midnight and God sends an earthquake to free them and bring salvation to the jailor and prisonsers .. As we worship we take our hands off our life situations and put them into the hands of a mighty God

OUR TRUST AND HOPE ARE TOTALLY IN HIM,  and He begins to act on our behalf… in mighty ways…

God is looking for worshippers… Jesus met w/ woman at well….She wanted to argue over where they needed worship (Jerusalem or Mt. Samaria ) Jesus answered,  Pride pa ura in je že zdaj, ko bodo pravi častilci častili Očeta v duhu in resnici. Prav takih častilcev si namreč želi Oče. Janez 4: 23 You can be anywhere and worship God with just a thought of how amazing He is… a thankful heart…  or  whispering the simple words… I love you Jesus.   Worship is looking at God… Gazing intently… remembering who He is and all He has done… Worship is being amazed and blown away by the greatness of God and all of His attributes. When we worship we become consumed by one thing… that is getting to know God. As we know Him,  we grow in loving Him and experiencing His presence. One of my favorite scriptures is II Kor 3:18 1 Kor 3.16

By looking at Jesus we become like Him…

Our love for him grows. We experience Him in a deep way that reveals to us His greatness, His majesty, His strength, His love, His intimacy, His power, His glory, His Holiness, His justice and mercy… and His life imparted to us…. I have been deeply touched by the majesty of God.  I remember sitting in a service at youth camp looking out at the beautiful mountains that God had created.  As we sang the chorus Majesty, I began to see God so highly exalted as the Great King of all Kings and my heart began to rejoice and to be overwhelmed with the truth  that His rule is an everlasting rule. He sits high above the heavens and reigns in perfection for eternity.   Several years later,  I was struggling with an ongoing fever and weakness in my body.  During a time of worship I felt that I was moved to the very throne of God and during that time He spoke to me, Carol you are healed.  After this I was completely well.  There have also been times I have experienced the arms of the Father around me, and the deep love of God overwhelming me.  Sometimes God comes and shows us His great holiness and we come before Him in such awe and a holy fear that can cause you to be unable to move in His presence.  You may even fall on your face and feel like Isaiah,  Woe is me,  I am undone; or like Mary,  Who am I God that you would visit me?  Whether He reveals Himself  to you releasing  joy and dancing or in stillness, He is amazing and as we worship we can feel the Lord’s pleasure.  It’s like He is smiling upon us.

Psalms 16.11 Daješ mi spoznati pot življenja; polnost veselja je pred tvojim obličjem, večne radosti na tvoji desnici.

We have our completeness and heart fullfilled by being in God’s presence… Nothing can fill us like Him… He is the one who knows us completely and being with Him will bring the greatest joy this earth offers. Kajti od stvarjenja sveta naprej je mogoče to, kar je v njem nevidno, z umom zreti po ustvarjenih bitjih: njegovo večno mogočnost in božanskost. Zato so ti ljudje neopravičljivi. Riml 1:20 – creation reveals the glory of God we are without excuse… shown us himself through the works of his hand…. Let’s take a quick look at how creation displays God’s attributes: first look at Creation itself

1. He is Creator God

– Days of Creation SHOW US THE CREATOR ( a very quick overview of creation) Dan #1   LUČ


God created light and separated the light from the darkness



(1 Mojses 1:6-8)God created the earths atmosphere. He separated waters from waters (6)


(1 Mojses 1:9-13)Creation of dry land (continent).Separated waters from land (sea).

Slide8 Earth sprouted  vegetation/trees with seeds.

Dan #4 VESOLJE UNIVERSE (1 Mojses 1:14-19)God

Created great the great light(sun) and the lesser light (moon). He created the stars also. Just the Milky Way contains 200 billion stars – 200,000,000,000 stars. The nearby Andromeda galaxy 1 trillion stars; The biggest galaxy ever discovered is inside the Abell 2029 cluster and contains 100 trillion stars. That’s 100,000,000,000,000 stars. And just think, there are 100 billion galaxies in the observable Universe. When you put those numbers together, you get an estimate of 1024 stars in the entire Universe. Or a 1 followed by 24 zeroes. That’s 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars.   God just spoke and it was created!  What an amazing God!

Slide11 Dan #5  FISH AND SEA CREATURES… PTICE & RIBE BIRDS AND FISH (1 Mojses 1:20-23) God filled the sea with creatures.  The  Ocean fills  75% earths surface. In these  water He created sea monsters, fish, large sea creatures. Just fish have 10,000 species and over 250 species of sharks… God’s variety is unending… The colors he placed there more magnificent than any artist on earth…. .. Even if no man would see them He created this beautiful world for his enjoyment and for man…


BIRDS…God created sky creatures: every winged bird.  There are  about 10,000 species of birds range in size from the 5 cm (2 in) Bee Hummingbird to the 2.75 m (9 ft) Ostrich.


Dan #6 . LETS LOOK AT THE ANIMALS GOD CREATED… ŽIVALI IN LJUDJE ANIMALS AND PEOPLE (1 Mojses 1:24-31) God created land creatures: walking and crawling. …





We Are God’s Most Precious creation, ONLY man and woman were CREATION FORMED BY HIS HANDS

man created by hand of God

God  created man in God’s image. He created male and female. IN HIS IMAGE…. OWN HANDS HE FASHIONED MAN FROM THE GROUND Each of us in an individual…. each has their own fingerpriints… No two people on earth are alike… we are His amazing miracle, His most amazing creation.


Dan #7 DAN POČITKA (1 Mojses 1:2:1-3) God Rested….

He enjoyed all that He had created!  He took time to appreciate His work and just to observc and rest!

We read in Job: Kje si bil, ko sem utemeljeval zemljo? povej to, če imaš kaj razuma! Kdo je določil njene mere, ali morda veš? Ali kdo je potegnil čeznjo merilno vrvico? Na čem stojijo njeni stebri, ali kdo je položil njen vogalni kamen, ko so se skupaj veselile jutranje zvezde in vriskali vsi Božji sinovi? Job 38: 4-7

Psalm 24:1-2 The earth is the LORD’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it; for God has founded it on the seas, and established it on the rivers GOSPODOVA je zemlja in kar jo napolnjuje, zemeljski krog in njegovi prebivalci. Zakaj on jo je osnoval na morjih, on jo je utrdil na veletokih. Ps 24: 1-2 Slide45

2.He is our Intimate God- who is aquainted with all of our ways…

The more we have time with God… the more we love Him… the more we love Him the more we want to be with Him… Lets look at Ps 139,  another of my favorite Psalms….It shows us  how close God is to us. GOSPOD, preizkusil si me in me poznaš. Poznaš moje sedenje in moje vstajanje, od daleč razumeš moje misli. Opazuješ moje potovanje in moje počivanje, z vsemi mojimi potmi si seznanjen. Zares, besede še ni na mojem jeziku, glej, ti, GOSPOD, si jo že spoznal v celoti. il_340x270.607743899_ihp6 Zares, ti si ustvaril moje ledvice, me stkal v materinem telesu. Zahvaljujem se ti, ker sem tako čudovito ustvarjen čudovita so tvoja dela, moja duša to dobro pozna Moje kosti niso bile skrite pred tabo, ko sem bil narejen na skrivnem, stkan v globočinah zemlje. Moj zarodek so videle tvoje oči. V tvojo knjigo so bili vsi zapisani, dnevi, ki so bili oblikovani, ko ni še nobeden od njih obstajal In zame, kako težke so tvoje misli, o Bog, kako silna so njihova načela! Če bi jih štel, bi jih bilo več kot peska; kadar se prebudim, sem še vedno pri tebi. Ps 139: 17-18 GOD has GIVEN EACH OF US  TALENTS, GIFTS (special abilities, desires, creativity) so that we would  KNOW  His GREAT LOVE…. He has sent us His Holy Word, His LOVE LETTER…. He knows the hairs on head, and even our most intimate  thoughts,.  He created us each individually by His hands and said, It is good!

3:  He is Saviour – REŠITELJ

the cross


On nas je namreč iztrgal iz oblasti teme in nas prestavil v kraljestvo svojega ljubljenega Sina, HE  TOOK OUR SINS, CARRIED OUR SINS AND SICKNESS IN HIS BODY WHEN DIED ON THE CROSS.. He loves WASHING us … CLEANSING us … And In Him We are MADE NEW… THE  OLD IS GONE,  THE  NEW IS COME… HE IS OUR GOD OF MERCY… I JN 1:9 v katerem imamo odkupitev, odpuščanje grehov. Če pa svoje grehe priznavamo, nam jih bo odpustil in nas očistil vse krivičnosti, saj je zvest in pravičen. I Janez 1:9 If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Kol 1: 27 Njim je Bog hotel oznaniti, kakšno je bogastvo slave te skrivnosti med pogani, namreč Kristus v vas, upanje slave.


These verses  show us that we have total forgiveness, a clean slate, new heart, and that we stand without blame or shame before the Lamb of God The life of God is inparted in us when we recieve salvation through Jesus.

4. On je  Večni Kralj King of Eternity.

Jesus Walking Out of the Tomb  


King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

Let’s just read through some passages in Revelation that describe worship in heaven.  We see the saints and the elders day and night bowing before Christ Jesus, and casting down their crowns before Him.  We hear the song of Moses being sung and we see the servants of God around the throne.  Every tribe, tongue and nation will be represented as we come together and worship the worshy one.  The King of all Ages. We will also be so overwhelmed by who God is that we will join them in  continually cry out, Holy Holy Holy is the Lord.  The Bible describes this  better that my words can, so let’s look at exactly what is happening in heaven, and consider that we will be apart of this for eternity. REVELATION-Jesus-Conquer-2-sd-Coming-703 REV 15.3-4 Peli so pesem Božjega služabnika Mojzesa in pesem Jagnjeta: »Velika in čudovita so tvoja dela, Gospod, Bog, vladar vsega. Pravična in resnična so tvoja pota, kralj narodov! Kdo se ne bi bal, Gospod, in ne slavil tvojega imena? Zakaj ti edini si svet. Vsi narodi bodo prišli in se poklonili pred tabo, ker so se razodele tvoje sodbe. Raz 4: 7-11 And they do not rest day or night, saying: Brez prenehanja so govorila noč in dan: »Svet, svet, svet, Gospod Bog, vladar vsega, ki je bil, ki je in ki pride!« In kadar so ta živa bitja izrekala slavo, čast in zahvalo njemu, ki sedi na prestolu in živi na veke vekov, 10 je štiriindvajset starešin popadalo pred sedečim na prestolu in molilo njega, ki živi na veke vekov, ter metalo svoje vence pred prestol in govorilo: »Vreden si, naš Gospod in Bog, da prejmeš slavo, čast in moč, ker si ustvaril vse reči, po tvoji volji so bivale in bile ustvarjene.« Rev 4: 8-11 Revelation 3.20 states,  Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.” Jesus is knocking on our heart…!  I stand at the door and  knock ..if any man  hears my voice I will come to him and sup with him… Jesus is . searching for worshippers… In peli so novo pesem: »Vredno si, da vzameš knjigo in odtrgaš njene pečate, ker si bilo zaklano in si s svojo krvjo odkupilo Bogu ljudi iz vsakega rodu, jezika, ljudstva in naroda Raz 5:9   shepherd with people

5. On je  Good Shepherd-

We receive  guidance by searching out His leading,  by following in  His footsteps.  The shepherd goes before and we follow Him…. He is our guardian…Our protector and provider.  Which enemies are you facing?  Are they enemies such as debt, sickness, doubts, weaknesses, or they can be  devil’s attacks on you or on someone that you love.  Even in these God, our shepherd is protecting us!  He has a way out of deliverence if we stay close to Him and follow in the path that He has laid out for us. He leads us beside still waters and in green pastures, that means into places of safety and provision.  Where would a little lamb love to be more than anywhere lambselse in the world?  In green pastures, and beside a quiet stream of water.  God is showing us that He will lead us in the best places for our lives.  He carries us in His arms… Whe He speaks to us He is our Great Shepherd and we hear His Voice and we will not follow another.  (John 10) So when you hear his voice and follow him… We also have  the precious  Holy Spirit, who is promised to us to guide us  to all truth.  So open your heart to listen to what God is speaking to you today.  You may not hear an audible voice, but you can hear His whisper inside of you.  He may lead through something in His Word, or by something you see or hear that touches your heart.  But he is still speaking and He is allowing us to grow as we learn to listen and to respond to His guidance.

6.  He is Our  Father and we are his children!

Baby 3 Borders David and Katarina He is our Father… protector, provider, the one who cares and listens. He is our guide, and our perfect father…. We have his inheritance… His likeness, his kingdom thoughts.  We enter into a  kingdom lifestyle, and hold a kingdom position… as we together sit with him in heavenly places… Colossions and Ephesians show us this great inheritance.

 I have loved you with an everlasting love and I have drawn you with chords of lovingkindness Jer 31.3

Z večno ljubeznijo te ljubim, zato ti tako dolgo izkazujem dobroto. Jer 31.3

God is speaking to us and He says in Jer 29.11 Vem za načrte, ki jih imam z vami, govori GOSPOD: načrte blaginje in ne nesreče, da vam dam prihodnost in upanje.

Let’s take some time to Thank God for who He is and what He has done!  His love and favor last for a lifetime.  His justice and mercy are unending.  His lovingkindness goes on forever.  He is our good Father and will continue to teach us, and to strengthen us, and to lead us in paths of righteousness for His name sake. As you continue in a life of worship,  Seek out different aspects of God’s nature and take time to meditate on each of them.  Thank Him and worship Him.  He is worthy of all praise and glory and thanksgiving!  Forever and ever! As we continue to come into His presence we will be changed as we look at Him from glory to glory, from victory to victory.  We will  grow in grace and learn how to live an overflowing  life that will lift up Jesus and draw others to Him.